Uneditable Elements

Some elements cannot be accessed / edited after adding. For example, noscript and svg.

Cannot find a way to add the contents of an svg (not a linked SVG via img).
Same with noscript. Need to access the content within.

Is there or will there be a way to edit the HTML directly?

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The answer is YES. We’ll support code editing. When? Not so soon. Regarding SVG, how would you expect the experience to be when adding or accessing the SVG content?

Thanks for asking. SVG seems like a tough one with the current UI. I’d expect to be able to upload the SVG so I have access to it’s inline code classes and ids via CSS and/or JS. I’d also expect to be able to edit my own classes and ids to hook back to the svg. Editing SVG would be nice, but since svg take some CSS props directly and others are svg specific (like “fill”) – then the current Relate UI would need some new tools.

Right on target - It’s not one of our priorities to develop a fully functioning vector editing tool. Yet, we want to enable some flexibility now, at least regarding its inline properties.

A simple html block would be enough to get the job done i think :slight_smile: I imagine pasting svg code into an html block would allow you to manipulate it any way you choose. Svg is powerful and fun to animate when you have access to the code. You cant animate an svg or manipulate it if its in an img tag.

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Agreed. Some sort of HTML block access would solve a bunch of issues I’d think (Same with adding 3rd party JS libs)… Though it’s sure to increase the Support calls :slight_smile:

@msjoshlopez Welcome! :star_struck:
Interestingly, SVG has more creative power when running in its native environment.

@badcat 3rd party JS libs I can surely guarantee! :wink: