Strange thing happened when I copied a text from different website

When I was copying a text from a website I also happened to copy a drop down button from the website. & When I pasted it retal text box it pasted the text and also the drop-down button.

And the intresting thing is it somehow copied the text properties (font) from the other website and added those into the relate code.

When it happened it ignored the text font which I set in the relate app.

I am not sure if copying ui elements from outside relate app is a feature or a bug, but it is interesting.

Hey John! This is both a feature and a bug as you would be able to copy entire site parts and edit them in Relate down the road, yet you should be able to paste plain text straightforwardly, and this is an apparent bug in this case, and we’ll fix it ASAP!

For the moment, You can use CMD+V for pasting text. Thanks and apolgogies.