Playbook's Forum link

Playbook’s link to the Community Forum is broken. (Not sure where to put general site-related feedback)

Also - love the idea of the Playbook. :100:

I have fixed the link! What do you like about the playbook? How should it get better, and what is missing there urgently? (:

@eden I like having a single place to refer to and even discover new content. Currently having links that are position to help people get on-board are great. I also like having the short descriptions for what’s behind each link.

The only thing I could think of to enhance this might be some sort of tag system to allow people to understand the types of categories into which link something might fall. This could also be handled as a tag filtering system. I foresee categories like: Beginner, Advanced, Learning, Templates, Libraries. Perhaps at some point when there’s more content, then the top level blocks become more combined or expanded with the use of additional tags.

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@badcat you see the future. :raised_hands: I find extreme value in having it indexed and tagged right, with the ability to search through.