Missing HTML Elements

Would be good to have access to all HTML elements. At a glance, it seems like acronym is still missing?

Would also be great to have the actual element tag name shown with the full name when choosing from the elements in the Search. ie, Division (div), Description List (dl) and so on…

Lastly, would be great to understand the ordering of the elements in the Search Dropdown. Why would Aside be below Footer for example? Perhaps everything should be Alphabetical?

edit: correction for description list.

this is not visible in the dropdown submenu for lists :slight_smile:
edit 2: seems like some people call these description lists while the w3c still goes by Definition List which is why I originally missed the element in the search field. Again, I think these should be searchable by tags as well as descriptive names.

Hey, badcat! Thanks for pointing this out.
acronym is missing because it was deprecated by w3 consortium, as described here <acronym> - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

As for other things, we will definitely discuss and give you the feedback. Thanks!

Ahh. Got it. Only HTML 5. I guess I won’t need to ask for blink and marquee then :slight_smile: thanks.

Hey @badcat ! Thanks for the feedback.
We’re working on an entirely different approach to adding/searching things in a unified way. So I took the note regarding being able to both search by definition or by its real name :raised_hands: