Buttons can't have spaces in them?

I don’t know why, but for some reason I can’t add space in the button’s text (or label?)
this issue manifests in at least 2 different projects, so I guess it’s not a bug.
Maybe an event listener hijacking the space button?


Does it happen in another browser too?

I tested it in both Chrome & Firefox and never saw any tooltip,
both on Windows 10, if that’s important.

Hunh? I thought we were talking about spaces in button text. Your other post was about Tooltips, no?

My other post was about tooltips in the relate UI itself,
this post is about buttons that are created in the relate platform,
so it’s a button that I made inside relate, and for some reason,
the text can’t be changed to anything with spaces, so “click me” is
not possible to achieve.
The button is made with actual “button” and not “div”.

Now I understood the confusion, sorry - my bad.
The spaces in buttons can be added in Firefox, but not in Chrome,
at least not on Windows 10.

Ahah - I see. Yes, I can also confirm the “spaces” bug / issue is apparent in Chrome (91) on macOS (11.4). Works OK with current Safari and Firefox 89.

Edit: Seems to be the same with all Chromium-based browsers I’ve tried on macOS, including Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, and MS Edge 91.

Let me suggest you a simple hack

Type somewhere (notepad, figma, or anywhere you wish)
Now copy that text and paste it on button

We’re aware of this limitation. Moving this up in the priorities.
Adding @Artem here (FYI)